Originality Reports in Google Classroom (i.e. plagiarism checker)

Posted by Vince Butler on 2/25/2020

With this Google Goodie I wanted to shine a light on a cool new feature within Google Classroom - Originality Reports. Similar to third-party paid tools like Turnitin, Originality Reports allows teachers to easily identify text in submitted student work that may be "borrowed," poorly paraphrased, or not properly cited.

Besides being built into Google Classroom (and therefore free), one of the cool things about this feature is that it allows students three opportunities to run originality reports on their assignment before turning it in, enabling them to turn in their best work instead of not knowing about the mistake until after the assignment has been graded.
If you are taking advantage of Google Classroom to assign writing assignments to students and allowing them to submit them digitally, simple check the "Originality Reports" checkbox when creating your Google Doc assignment. Grading writing assignments can be time consuming, so hopefully between this new feature and the improvements that Google has made to streamline assignment feedback in Classroom (such as rubrics and comment banks) you will find that handling writing assignments digitally can be a huge time saver over paper!
Please note that our Google licensing enables our teachers to have access to unlimited originality reports per class so you don't have to be selective about which writing assignments can utilize this feature.