Creating a new doc *fast* and Google Classroom tip for assignment numbering

Posted by Vince Butler on 1/21/2020

Need to create a new Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides in a hurry? In your address bar in Chrome just type in one of the following and hit enter to instantly get started on a new blank file. The new file gets saved in the root of your Google Drive, but after you name the file you can use the little folder that appears next to the name to easily organize it into a folder.
For our teachers using Google Classroom, here's a tip from Alice Keeler's blog that suggests numbering your assignments during the year as an easy way to match up assignments from Google Classroom with your gradebook. It can also make conversations with students easier; students can simply say "I have a question about assignment 47" instead of having to keep track of individual assignment names. It's an older tip on her blog so you may already know it, but I thought it was pretty handy!