Use Autocrat to mail merge with Google Docs

Posted by Vince Butler on 11/20/2019

Are you looking for a way to mail merge with Google Docs? Maybe you want to generate letters with individualized addresses so you can use windowed envelopes instead of printing labels, or you want to create a batch of award certificates from a list of names. Check out Autocrat, an add-on for Google Sheets to do this and more. There are too many different ways to use this tool for me to share in this single email so check out the Autocrat website for more info. But here is a basic outline of how it works after you have installed it:
1. Create a Google Sheet with the data elements that you want to merge into your document. First name, last name, address, etc.
2. Create a template document in Google Docs, using merge tags for the elements that will be merged in. For example, instead of starting a letter with "Dear Vince" you would start it with something like "Dear <<First Name>>"
3. Back in your Sheets document, go to the Add-ons menu and choose Autocrat. A wizard will start and walk you through the steps to select the template you created, map your unique elements to the variables in the template, and generate your files.
There are lots of options for different situations. You can generate the merge as a single PDF file for easy printing, or you can even generate individual Google doc versions and automatically share them with the recipient (including an email notification). Check it out!