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Jingle Jamboree

Romoland School District is thrilled to share the heartwarming success of our Jingle Jamboree held at each school site. This festive event brought smiles to students in special populations as they joyfully participated in holiday activities, creating lasting memories. The 2nd annual Giving Tree program added an extra sprinkle of magic, ensuring that every student received a heartfelt gift. It was a heartwarming celebration, embodying the spirit of the season and showcasing the community's commitment to supporting and brightening the lives of all our students.

The Jingle Jamboree mascot, Mr. Jingles, made an appearance at each school site's event to share in the spirit. Photos below.

mr. jingles with student art Mr. jingles at eacms

Mr. Jingles with RES mascot Mr. Jingles in front of a Winter backdrop at BRESMr. Jingles with student ornaments