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Groundbreaking Ceremony

In a momentous occasion that marked a significant step forward for education in the Romoland School District, the community came together on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony for the district’s newest TK-8 school. With enthusiasm and anticipation in the air, local officials, educators, and community members gathered at the construction site to witness the beginning of a new chapter in the district's history.

With a rapidly growing student enrollment and a commitment to fostering young minds, the Romoland School District’s Board of Trustees prioritized the need to build a new school in the Perris area of the district boundaries. This project will provide a local school for the growing community and enrich the educational experience for future students and families. Parents, Raylene Figeroa and Tiffany Vasquez, who attended the ceremony, expressed their excitement about having a campus within walking distance so their students will have the opportunity to walk and bike to school. 

During the ceremony, the Romoland School District Board President, Manuel Aguirre, thanked the community for their longtime support of the project, stating, "This new school is a testament to the dedication and hard work of many individuals who believe in the power of education. It is the result of tireless efforts by past and present board members, staff, and our local community who understand the value of investing in our future.”

The new school will bring many benefits, including reducing overcrowding in existing facilities and ensuring each child receives the attention and resources they deserve upon its opening in the fall of 2025. “Establishing a new school is a prudent investment in the future of the community, paving the way for increased academic success and community engagement,” said board member, O’rell Colbert.

As construction begins in earnest, the Romoland School District community eagerly anticipates the school's completion and its positive impact on the community. This project exemplifies the district's vision of a brighter future through education and community investment. It's a testament to our Board of Trustees' dedication to its students and their education, and it sets the stage for a promising tomorrow.

board members and superintendent painton at groundbreaking sitemain entry rendering of new school