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Campus Improvements

Over the summer, our schools have undergone remarkable campus improvement projects, aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience for both students and educators.  


Boulder Ridge Upgrades: New bathrooms and a garden were added to Boulder Ridge School using grants from Eastern Municipal Water District and Bill and Dave’s Landscape. Also, the kitchen got safer and more comfortable with new flooring. Boulder Ridge Restroom Building

Boulder Ridge landscape


Harvest Valley Improvements: Harvest Valley School got 13 new classrooms and bathrooms to replace older ones, making the campus bigger. The kitchen also got new flooring for safety and a fresh look.

HVES Portable Project

Chase Choir Room: A new choir classroom was built at Chase Middle School. Special soundproofing was added, along with steps for the choir and a piano.EACMS choir room


Hillside Innovation Offices: Hillside Innovation Academy now has new offices, including admin rooms, a reception area, and a conference space.HIA office addition

New Classroom Furniture: Schools like Romoland, Harvest Valley, Boulder Ridge, and Ethan A. Chase got new furniture for different grade levels, from kindergarten to middle school, including tables, chairs, and risers for choir classes.

Summer Campus Cleaning: Over the summer, the school campuses were cleaned to make them nice and tidy for the upcoming school year. Some of the major tasks completed include indoor carpet cleaning, floor waxing, exterior power washing, deep cleaning of restrooms, extensive dusting, and window cleaning.