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Innovative Upgrades

In a continuous effort to enhance the learning experience for our students and create a secure and efficient educational environment, our school district has recently made significant strides in upgrading our technological infrastructure. These initiatives are aimed at embracing innovation and ensuring that both students and educators have access to the tools they need to thrive in today's digital age.

Student Devices: We are excited to announce our district invested in 500 new Chromebooks for incoming 6th-grade students at Ethan A. Chase Middle School and 840 new Chromebooks for elementary school classrooms. These devices not only refreshed 24 existing classroom carts but also introduced 4 new carts to cater to growing classes! In addition, 48 iPads were added to support growth in Tk classrooms.  

Network Security: This summer we completed the migration to a new network firewall hosted by Riverside County Office of Education. This strategic upgrade improves our district’s security posture, offers better threat visibility, and provides increased network throughput. We are determined to create a safe online environment for both students and staff. 

Interactive Flat Panels: Obsolete projectors were replaced with state-of-the-art 75” Interactive Flat Panels in Harvest Valley Elementary classrooms. This transformational upgrade is anticipated to resolve challenges posed by outdated projector technology. The introduction of IFPs empowers our educators with new features, fostering engaging and immersive learning experiences for our students. 

Elevating Security Measures: School security and safety is one of the highest priorities on our campuses. We are proud to announce the installation of a new security camera system at Ethan A. Chase Middle School. This modern system replaces outdated cameras, ensuring that our security measures are aligned with the standard in use across our district. 

Harvest Valley Expansion: With growth on our campuses comes the need for comprehensive network infrastructure. Our newest portable classrooms at Harvest Valley Elementary have been equipped with top-tier network cabling, switches, wireless access points, security cameras, and phones. 

Printers: In our effort to be efficient and eco-conscious, we have introduced new printer fleets to three schools and two departments. Additionally, we have migrated to a new printer management program, providing valuable insights into printer and copier usage. This move empowers schools with better control over resources while embracing a more sustainable printing approach. 

These transformative technological upgrades underscore our commitment to nurturing a forward-thinking and secure learning environment for our students and educators alike. By embracing innovation and staying ahead in the realm of technology, we are ensuring our school district community remains at the forefront of education in the digital age.