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ECE Staff Spotlight

As a Head Start Instructional Aide, one learns how to be a jack-of-all-trades! 

Our Head Start aides collaborate daily with teachers and families to support individual student growth. They ensure safe and healthy environments with an all-day cleaning and sanitizing routine. In addition, the team participates in guided, as well as self-selected, professional development all year long. 

We appreciate and are grateful for the work that the Head Start aides do here in Romoland School District to ensure that our families and teachers are never without the academic and emotional support that is required during a student’s first introduction to school. 

Thank you to our Head Start aides, Damaris Calderon, Maris Dawson, and Tammy Young for your unwavering strength and positive attitudes! 

Damaris Calderon Maris Dawson Tammy Young