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Romoland School District: Inclusion

Romoland School District is committed to ensuring that barriers are removed and doorways of learning are open to all students district-wide, as we strive to not only create an inclusive culture but a true culture of belonging.

Michelle Echeverri, Principal at Romoland Elementary School, shares that the work of supporting inclusive practices at Romoland Elementary School hinges on two major themes. The first is an educational equity mindset. RSD staff members truly believe that each and every student can learn at high levels and that a high quality education is a basic human right. Students are provided with opportunities to enrich their strengths, an asset-based approach, and given the tools that best support their areas of need to ensure that all students are learning at high levels and reaching their maximum potential. 

Second, the Four C’s (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking) are not just processes we use in the classroom to prepare students for college and career, they are the processes staff engage in collectively, intentionally, rigorously, and consistently to ensure equity for each and every student. As a staff we strive to do better, and thus become better, in order to offer the best education we can to all students.

At Ethan A. Chase Middle School, meaningful inclusion is a daily focus. Peer Mentor opportunities for all students are planned in multiple classroom settings to develop more satisfying and diverse friendships. Teachers collaborate and coordinate times throughout the instructional day to support mentoring efforts so that students with and without disabilities benefit from increased  empathy and reduced fear of differences.. Everyone wins when students with and without special needs have an opportunity to learn from each other!

Students engaged in class activity  Students engaged in sensory class activity  Students

Students  Students engaged in class activity  students participating in class activity

Contributing Authors:

Carmen Kaas, Director of Pupil Services
Michelle Echeverri, Principal
Terri Richey, Special Education Teacher