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Supporting Students' Mental Health

This year, Romoland School District has added services and personnel in support of students’ mental health needs. There has been an addition of two School Based Mental Health Therapists as an expansion of the social-emotional-behavioral supports the District has been investing in for the past five years. 

In recent years, Romoland School District has added five school counselors, bringing our total to six counselors, which has enabled us to provide increased counseling support at each school site. In addition to the district’s school counselors, one at each elementary school and two at the middle school, there are now two school-based Mental Health Therapists. 

These therapists offer individual and small group therapy for trauma, grief, crisis response, and more. In collaboration with Victor Community Support Services, Licensed Therapist Maricela Gonzalez is on staff one day per week at each elementary site. The new therapist at Ethan A. Chase Middle School (EACMS) is Yarely Torres; she is assigned to EACMS full time and is focused on supporting our middle school students’ mental health needs.

In addition to the two new therapists, Romoland School District is offering the Set-4-School program in all Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classes this year. Set-4-School is offered free through Victor Community Support Services and a county grant. The program is taught by two Clinicians who teach prosocial skills to students ages 4 and 5 through a puppetry program known as “DinoSchool.”

By: Michelle Wise