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Celebrating Student "Hawk Authors"

Writing is a very important part of a quality educational experience. At Harvest Valley we focus heavily on student writing because we know writing is really about encouraging students to think clearly and to express themselves, skills we know are a necessity for college, career, and life.

The learning standards for students require them to write for "real purposes and audiences." In other words, students can lose focus and motivation if their writing is never shared beyond the classroom. We are always looking for novel ways to "publish" student work, and a Writing Wall is a great way to celebrate our student authors and inspire our campus community. 

Our Writing Wall is located in the front office and it allows us to celebrate our student authors from each class by allowing staff, students, and families to appreciate their written work. Teachers submit a writing sample, perhaps an examplar, or maybe just a student who has shown a lot of growth. We update the wall several times throughout the year which allows different students and their unique writing to be shared and celebrated.

Make sure to check out the Hawk Authors Writing Wall the next time you visit the Harvest Valley Elementary School campus!

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