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Student Drop Off

Harvest Valley Families,

 New information for the 2019-20 school year: For the safety of all students during morning drop off please drop your student off in the coned drop off lane next to the sidewalk.  Please do not let your student out in any other lane as they would be crossing in front of traffic which is unsafe. Students may be dropped off in any part of the coned off area near the sidewalk to walk through the gate.  Please do not park in the drop off area or wait to watch your child walk to the gate. If you would like to watch your child walk through the gate please park and watch them so that you do not block the flow of traffic through the drop off area.  Once your student has been dropped off, please pull out of the drop off lane into the exit lane in order to keep traffic moving. Traffic needs to keep moving in the morning so that staff can access the parking lot and so students can get to school on time. 

Also, please do not "double park" on Briggs road. Drive forward and pull over or drive around the block and come back to find an open spot. Do not block traffic. 

Thank you for your help keeping our students safe and getting to them to school on time!!