Information About Potential Education Bond

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    Romoland School District strives to provide high-quality education in a nurturing and challenging learning environment where all students are empowered to  reach their full potential and prepared for lifelong achievement. The District not only values academic core subjects, but also ensures that our students have access to the arts and physical education.

    We take pride in our emergency preparedness, especially during these trying times when our kids are required to receive education from home. Thanks to careful planning, we have been able to respond quickly to ensure all students have the resources they need to continue receiving quality education. 

    Maintaining Student Safety and Academic Success

    Romoland School District is committed to providing excellent education to over 4,000 students; however, our local schools need essential upgrades to keep our children safe and secure and to provide learning tools to prepare them for the future. 

    In recent years, as our region has been growing rapidly, our schools have become more and more crowded. Crowded schools make it harder for students to learn and reduce the amount of time teachers get to spend with individual students. As we look to next fall, we understand the urgent need to address the challenges with overcrowding in our schools and making sure all schools meet today's safety and security standards. 

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    Dedicated Funding for Local Schools 

    To address these challenges, the Board of Trustees is considering placing a $39 million bond measure on the November 2020 ballot that could provide local funding to help maintain safety and security and resolve overcrowding. If approved by 55% of voters, funding could be used to:

    • Construct, repair and upgrade classrooms, science labs, and school facilities that support instruction in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math
    • Build a new neighborhood school to avoid overcrowding
    • Improve student safety and school security systems


    Romoland School District has always been a strong protector of taxpayers’ interests, and all money raised by the bond would be spent in Romoland School District to support our students. No funds could be taken away by the State or spent in other districts. Additionally, a Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits would ensure that the money is spent properly. By law, no money from the measure could be used for administrators’ salaries or benefits. By law, the cost would be limited to no more than $30 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value of local property. Assessed value is based on the original purchase price of a home and is often lower than market value, particularly for those residents that have owned their homes for a long time. For the typical homeowner this would be $98 per year, or less than $9 a month.

    More Information

    We are the only District in the County without an existing bond, but we need one if we want our students to have the same educational opportunities as others in the region. Additionally, if voters approve this measure, the District will be eligible to receive millions of dollars in State matching money that otherwise will go to other school districts.

    For more information about the potential education bond and maintaining high-quality education and safe learning environments in Romoland School District, please contact us at (951) 926-9244 or visit

    We Want to Hear From You!

    We welcome your input as we explore feasible solutions to address challenges our schools are facing and consider a potential local funding measure to maintain safety, security and support quality, local education. Click this link to take a short survey that can help us better meet the needs of our students and communities.  


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