About Our School

  • Harvest Valley Elementary School serves over 700 students from transitional kindergartern (TK) through 5th grade. We have a highly professional staff that cares deeply about students.

    We are proud to show our Hawk pride through wearing our school colors of blue and yellow. 

    Our mascot is the hawk, a powerful yet graceful creature. Our logo includes a student created image of our mascot the hawk.

    We are grateful to have a staff composed of 32 teachers as well as a host of support staff members who are all passionate about ensuring every child receives the best possible education.

    We are the only AVID Elementary School in the Romoland School District. The AVID program offers our students huge benefits including additional support with organizational skills and academic rigor to prepare them for middle and high school and, eventually, college and career! In addition to AVID, we work closely with our school district to ensure our students have access to state-of-the-art curriculum and technology as well as programs and events that stimulate learning and create connections amongst our students and the community.

    Thank you for choosing Harvest Valley!

HV Dismissal Map