• I am originally from Los Angeles, Go Dodgers! I graduated from S.D.S.U. with a B.A in Liberal Studies. I have a Masters in Cross Cultural Education from National University. I met my husband Nick at S.D.S.U . We have two beautiful daughters, Anabella and Eliana and two mini doxies pups, Dodger and Lola. This is my 14th year teaching. I’ve taught grades: Pre-K,TK, Kinder, 1st, 4th, 5th,& 6th.

    My Favorites

    Color-Dodger blue


    Supplies- glue sticks, felt tip pens, clorox wipes, tissues, white board markers, 

    Hobbies- going to the movies, traveling, shopping at: Target, Amazon, Home Goods, Macys, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Nobles

    Food- Tacos,Rubios, Everbowl, chips/salsa

    Drinks- Starbucks oatmilk cinnamon lattes, pineapple refreshers, coke zero, unsweetened ice tea.

    Snacks- baked lays potato chips, salted pistachios, butter pretzels, red vines, dark chocolate, caramel apples, peanut m&ms.