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  • Mr. Mitchem Dear Boulder Ridge Parents/Guardians:

    Thank you for a tremendous 2020/21 school year! As this year comes to a close and we begin the planning process for next year, I think it is very important to take a moment and reflect on all of the amazing things that our students, staff, and families have been able to accomplish this school year! I have been impressed with how easily our teachers and families were able to transition to a virtual learning program, and then how easily they were able to transition back to a hybrid, then full traditional learning style! The last 8 weeks of the school year, when we had students back on campus, were some of the most fun we have had all year! I am eternally grateful to each member of the Bulldog family for their willingness to be flexible, stay positive, and keep student well-being at the forefront of all we have done this year! 

    Academically, the learning never stopped at Boulder Ridge! Our teachers continued to teach the CCSS, but additionally were teaching some of the most important skills students can learn; flexibility, adaptability, technology skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills! While we were unable to see students in person, small group learning continued, pre and post-assessments continued, and most importantly, our students continued to grow academically! Our ELA iReady Diagnostic 3 scores show that 10% more students are performing at grade level than this same time last year! 


    More importantly, our staff was able to provide social-emotional support to our students, and families! Our school counselor, on top of teaching weekly classroom lessons, was able to work in small groups, as well as individually to help support our student's social-emotional well-being throughout this difficult year. Our school-based mental health therapist was able to engage with students and families to provide guidance, support, as well as ensure that they received access to local community resources! BRES placed an emphasis on the well-being of our students and teachers this year! Our teachers, through the use of TLIM lessons, community circles, and simple communication were able to get to know their students and families at a deeper level and provide personalized academic and emotional support to ALL of our learners! 

    Boulder continued to hold monthly video assemblies to ensure students received shout-outs and props for their hard work and effort while learning virtually. Teachers held over 40 pick-up days where they were able to provide students and families with materials and supplies, as well as gifts, smiles, and love! 

    As we begin to plan for next year, we know and understand that the emotional well-being of our students is at the forefront of the year and that through positive, proactive, and intentional relationship building, we will be able to support the social-emotional needs of our students. Our staff is continuing to learn about trauma and its effect on the human body, as well as restorative practices, universal design for learning, and response to intervention. We know that as parents, the academic and social-emotional well-being of your students is of the utmost importance, and we will continue to have high expectations for our students and push them to be the best possible scholars and leaders that they can be! We have a solid plan in place to help support our students as we reengage with them in person! 

    Thank you for all you have done this school year, and for everything, you will continue to do to help support Boulder Ridge! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be the leader of this tremendous school and the opportunity to impact all of your children in a positive way! I am truly grateful for all of the support that has been shown to our school this year! Please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to talk! I am here to serve our students, families, staff, and community! 


    Have a wonderful summer and I cannot wait to see you all for the 2021/22 school year! 


    Jon Mitchem
    Boulder Ridge Elementary

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