Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Daniela Munoz

The goal of the school counseling program at Boulder Ridge Elementary School is to provide comprehensive services to all students making a holistic impact on student success. The program will address the academic, social-emotional, and college/career development of all students through individual, small group, large groups such as classroom counseling lessons, and school-wide programs. Through these comprehensive services, the school counseling program will assist all students and reaching their highest potential, allowing them to feel confident in their ability to succeed in all areas of life.

Services Provided:

  • Classroom Lessons
  • Group Counseling*
  • Individual Counseling *
  • Parent/Guardian Consultations
  • Community Resource Referrals

*Please note School Counselors do not provide "therapy" or "traditional counseling". Counseling taking place at school will be brief and solution-focused. Groups will be educational in nature. Referrals for outside counseling services are available if student needs additional support.


Guidance Curriculum

Boulder Ridge Elementary

By School Counselor, Mrs. Munoz