School Site Council (SSC)

  • Mesa View's School Site Council is a group consisting of staff members and parents working together as a council to plan objectives that support our academic program. It serves as the body that monitors the school’s LCAP (Local Control Funding Plan) goals, reviews and approves budget, and evaluates the programs. Interested parents may contact the school or may attend any School Site Council Meetings.  All meetings are held at 2:45pm. Each agenda for the meetings are linked to the dates 72 hours prior to the meeting. Please click on the date to see the agenda for the meeting. 

    SSC meetings for 2019-20 are tentatively scheduled for:

    October 1st

    November 7th

    December 18th

    February 6th

    March 12th

    May 14th at 2:45pm on Google Hangout:

    You may click on the date to view the agenda for each meeting. These will be available 72 hours prior to the meeting time.