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    ASB stands for Associated Student Body and consists of a group of students that represent the entire student body of Harvest Valley Elementary School.  ASB is responsible for providing student activities and being the voice of Harvest Valley students to staff, school district, and community. The main objective of ASB is to make students feel connected to school and each other through involvement in ASB organized activities.   

    ASB is the principal student government body on campus headed by four officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer who govern the entire student body.

    ASB members are leaders; they are honest, trustworthy, responsible, reliable, willing to work hard, humble, respect both adults and fellow students, and have school pride. Students who are chosen to be school representatives meet once a month and act as a link between the classrooms and the ASB representatives.  

    The ASB representatives serve Harvest Valley by voicing and addressing student opinions and needs, overseeing the expenditures of student funds, raising funds, and sponsoring many school-wide programs, activities, and events.

    The primary goals of ASB are to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote Harvest Valley unity and spirit, and to grow as student leaders.  ASB actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are alive and well.  ASB is constantly making contributions to the community, school, and their fellow students.


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