Arrival and Dismissal Information


    Gates open 7:25

    STARTING TIME: 7:50 


    Kinder: 1:50

        1st – 5th Grades: 2:10 pm

    Every Wednesday:

    TK & Kinder 12:00 pm & 1st - 5th 12:20 pm



    NO PARKING IN LOADING OR IN RED ZONES.  Please use the identified areas of dropping off/picking up your child.  Follow the signs in the parking area.  Parking is not permitted in any Loading or Red zones.

    •       Always use the designated crossing areas.  Never cross in the middle of the street.
    •       Walk on the sidewalks and NEVER run through the parking areas or loading zones.
    •       Students may be on campus from 7:25 AM – 2:10 PM and 7:25 AM – 12:15 PM on Wednesday.  There is no adult supervision before or after these times.
    •       Adhere to all speed limits and be extra cautious as you approach school areas.
    •       The loading zones are for dropping off and picking up your child.  Please do not park your car in such areas and halt others from moving through the line.


    •       Kindergarten students will be released from their classrooms with parent or custodian contact. Please enter through the side gate by the kindergarten playground at 1:50 on regular days and 12:15 on early dismissal days. 
    •       First and Second grade students will be released from the Kindergarten gate, and walked to the front of the school where they will be released with parent/ guardian contact. You may use the inside pickup lane to pick your student up in the front of the school. 
    •       All third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be released through the North West gate near the lunch area. 
    •       Your children will wait in front of the school in the round about until they are released to you or walk to your vehicle.
    •       Please see the traffic flow map located at the back of this handbook.


    Students in 3rd to 5th grade may walk home only with a signed permission slip. The permission slip will be sent home in the first day packet. Also, written permission from the parent is required if a child will be deviating from his/her regular route home. If your child will be going home with another student, we need a confirming note (dated and signed) from you and the host parent.


    Students in 4 & 5th grade may reunite and wait with siblings in grades 1-3 for single pick up, only with written permission and collaboration between the teachers.


    •   Third, Fourth, and Fifth-grade students may ride their bike to school with a signed letter informing of this.
    • A HELMET must be worn at all times.
    • Bikes must be locked while parked in the bike enclosure by the basketball courts and the field. Lock only one bike to one lock.  Friends not riding bikes must wait outside the bike rack area.
    • Bikes are to be WALKED off and on the school grounds.
    • Choose the shortest, safest route to our school with your family.
    • The school and District are not responsible for bicycles or helmets that are lost, stolen or damaged (ED Code 51202 and Safety Vehicle Code 21212 Bicycle helmets).
    • Failure to comply with Boulder Ridge’s bicycle policies could result in forfeiting the privilege of riding a bicycle to school.
    • Skateboards, roller blades, blade shoes are not allowed on the school campus at any time.

    Park in designated parking areas only.  Remember, there is NO double-parking, parking in loading and red zones or in bus loading zones.  Adhere to all curb markings and staff directions.  Be patient and cautious of students and parents passing through undesignated walkways.

    Persons displaying a handicap sign may park in the parking lot.

    Please DO NOT motion for students to cross the street to meet you. This creates an unsafe situation. Students should always cross with the crossing guard.

     All students MUST be in safety belts.

    Drop Off Procedures

    Drop Off Procedures

    Pick Up Procedures

    Pick Up Procedures