Arrival and Dismissal Information

  • Dear Parents and Caregivers/Drivers,

    In the hope of expediting the pick-up/drop off of children at school, we have implemented new pick-up/drop off procedures for your child(ren).  Please note that there will continue to be NO PARKING in the loop.  If you would like to park, please use the parking lot and designated crosswalk for your safety.

    All traffic will route through the end of the parking lot. (Cones will block off the first two entrances to the parking lot to stop through traffic.)

    1. TK/K Parents:  Please park your car in the parking lot and pick up your child at the TK/K gate- DO NOT PARK in the loop and wait for the gate to be opened. If you arrive at the school before the gate it open, please utilize one of the designated parking spots. 
    2. The inside lane will be for pick up after school in the front of the school for grades 1-3.  
    3. The outside lane will continue to be the flow lane and pick up in the loop for grades 4 & 5.  
    4. Siblings in grades 4 & 5 can pick up younger siblings, out in front of the school, and take them back to their side for pickup.  
    5. Drivers, please pull completely forward to allow our student valets to open your car door for drop off.  


    *For safety reasons, all children must be picked up/dropped off curbside.  There will be no pick up in the outside lane, or between the crosswalk and cones around the corner.  

    Additionally, NO students will be allowed to cross the crosswalk into the parking lot without being accompanied by an adult. Please park in the parking lot and cross the crosswalk to pick up your student and return to your car. 

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation in making our parking lot a safer place by following these simple procedures.



    Boulder Ridge Staff and Students