• The Board of Education approved the modernization project for Romoland Elementary School in September 2014. At this meeting the Board approved the funding and gave direction on the scope of the project. From there a committee including: teachers, classified staff, the principal, CTO, the superintendent, CBO, Director of Food Service, Director of MOTF, architects and builders began meeting to create priorities for the use of the $4,965,874 in approved funding. It was important that with the modernization, we would fundamentally enhance the experience of our students and our staff by improving the areas most commonly used. The committee had big ideas and we are getting significant upgrades for our investment.


    Phase 1 - This phase begins in June 2016 and you will see a new lunch area and outdoor assembly area constructed. We will need to remove two buildings in order to construct this new area right in the central part of the campus. This phase will be completed sometime in the fall.


    Phase 2 - This phase begins Fall 2016 and includes the modernization of all of the brick and mortar classrooms, the modernization to some of the restrooms, building a new library media center that will have the same footprint as our existing space, extending and improving the multi-purpose building and extending the food service area. In addition, we will remove six portables, re-work student pick-up and drop-off, improve the student play area, and create a new staff lounge.


    Phase 3 - While phase 3 is not currently funded we are working to identify funds and bring a finishing touch to this total project. This phase includes the modernization of the remaining modulars, new administration center, new restrooms, and new exterior fencing and landscaping.


    Prioritizing funding for these projects is a decision the Board of Education has made and is committed to ensuring that all Romoland students experience first-rate facilities.