Board of Trustees

  • Community members are encouraged to communicate with Romoland School District staff and the board of education members. If you have a concern, the best place to always begin is with the individual directly involved and related to the issue. This usually means starting at the specific school site by speaking with the teacher, principal and/or administrator who can best serve to resolve the problem. It is at this starting point that most situations are resolved quickly and productively. If an appropriate resolution is not reached, citizens can and should contact the district office and request to speak with a district administrator to reach a resolution on the concern. Board members are available should concerns remain after engaging with site and district personnel.

    The Romoland School District Board of Education welcomes your questions, ideas, and suggestions. With help from the community, the district can achieve its mission to serve, challenge, and inspire all students to achieve academic excellence, build character, and pursue lifelong learning.

    Mr. Manuel Aguirre was elected to the Board in 2016, and his term will expire in 2024. He and his family reside in the Monument Ranch Community with their two children who attend the Romoland School District. Manuel is an independent representative for the largest financial services company in North America. He enjoys spending time with family and making a positive difference in his community. Mr. Aguirre represents Trustee Area 4 and currently serves as Clerk of the Board. 
  • Chris Clark Mr. Christopher Clark was elected to the Board in 2022, and his term expires in 2026. Mr. Clark represents Trustee Area 5 and currently serves as a member of the Board.


  • Board MemberMr. O'rell Colbert was appointed to the Board in 2023. Mr. Colbert represents Trustee Area 3 and currently serves as a member of the Board. He has been a resident of the trustee area for the past nine years. Colbert is a retired Army Veteran with 20 years of service, and for the past 10 years has been working in education. 

    Cynthia NavarroMrs. Cynthia Navarro was elected to the Board in 2022 representing Trustee Area 1 and is very excited about what she will be able to accomplish during her term. Cynthia has resided in Romoland for 25 years and has served the community for 17 years, working in various local school districts. She is also the Cantor at her church and has been an active participant for 20 years. Cynthia continues to serve the community by working in the local school district and is also a businesswoman representing an international Home Services company. Cynthia loves to spend time with her family, friends, and the community who have always supported her and it is because of this love and gratitude that she is committed to serving them in her new role as a board member. Mrs. Navarro currently serves as the President of the Board.
  • DAVID SPERRYMr. David Sperry was initially elected to the Board in 2011; and his term expires in 2024. Mr. Sperry represents Trustee Area 2 and currently serves as a member of the Board. 

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