Mr. Manuel Aguirre

    Mr. Manuel Aguirre was elected to the Board in 2016, and his term will expire in 2024. He and his family reside in the Monument Ranch Community with their two children who attend the Romoland School District. Manuel is an independent representative for the largest financial services company in North America. He enjoys spending time with family and making a positive difference in his community. Mr. Aguirre represents Trustee Area 4 and currently serves as President of the Board. 

Mr. Gary Reller

  • GARY RELLERMr. Gary Reller is a Principal in a local school district. He currently has memberships in local community organizations and is on the Board of Directors of VOICES. Gary was initially elected in 2005; and his term expires in 2022. Mr. Reller represents Trustee Area 1 and currently serves as the Board Clerk.

Mr. David Sperry

  • DAVID SPERRYMr. David Sperry was initially elected to the Board in 2011; and his term expires in 2024. Mr. Sperry represents Trustee Area 2 and currently serves as a member of the Board. 


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