Principal's Message

  • Michelle Echiverri Dear Parents/Guardians and Students!


    Welcome to Romoland Elementary School where students come first!  Our vision of “Igniting a Love of Learning” is at the center of all that we do. We firmly believe that establishing and nurturing relationships and a partnership with our students, parents, and the community will provide the greatest educational experiences and opportunities for our students. We are fully implementing the California Common Core State Standards.  These are powerful standards that will prepare students for college and/or career readiness!  Our amazing teachers are equipped and prepared to bring powerful learning opportunities to your child every day!  Regular school attendance is necessary and crucial to ensure students’ receive the required tools, strategies, and training to excel. Attending school every day will enable students to think and reason critically, engage in problem-solving, work collaboratively, write proficiently, utilize technology appropriately, communicate effectively and positively contribute to our very complex and ever-changing world!

    We foster and cultivate a Growth Mindset, the work of world-renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, here at Romoland Elementary School. We understand that ALL students’ talents and abilities can be developed through effort, teaching, and persistence. We embrace mistakes and failure as opportunities to learn and improve abilities. We believe in the power of “YET.” For example, “I don’t understand this yet.” “I don’t like this yet.” “I’m not good at this yet.” We encourage and invite all to help us develop and empower students with a Growth Mindset and the power of yet.

    We are committed to helping each child succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  We have structured our classrooms and school systems to allow students to continually learn and grow.  As a school, we have broken down stereotypes and obstacles to ensure all students are supported and challenged.  Nothing will stop us from the relentless pursuit of learning and leading in the 21st century.  As Dr. Amy Fast so accurately states, “Leaving school ‘college and career ready’ is crucial. But leaving school with the deep belief that you matter is what changes the world.” Each of our students matter and will change the world!


    If you have any questions, concerns or would like to volunteer, please contact the school office at (951) 928-2910 or by email at



    Michelle Echiverri, M.Ed.