CSEA Contract/Negotiations Update

  • Classified School Employee Association Local 499

    The current agreement is in effect through June of 2022.

    Joint Communication from December 6, 2019

    CSEA and the District negotiation teams met on December 4, 2019 to continue discussions. Over the last few negotiation sessions we were able to finalize contract language on topics such as extra duty compensation, lunch and rest breaks, the evaluation process, review of personnel files, and a safety committee. There was also the adoption of a new evaluation tool for classified staff.

    On Wednesday we were also able to finalize an agreement on compensation. The District and the Association agreed to an overall increase in compensation of 3.2% effective January 1, 2020. This increase came in two forms. A general increase on the salary schedule of .97% and then the addition of a step 8 on the salary schedule.

    Joint Communication from May 30, 2017

    The CSEA, RTA and District negotiation teams wanted to send out a joint communication regarding potential insurance costs for the 2017 - 2018 school year.

    The negotiation teams are waiting for the details of the May budget revision to be fully understood prior to continuing our discussions on employee compensation (including health and welfare benefits). As a result, we want to let our employees know that there is a possibiity of significant increases in the out of pocket costs for those who choose a plan that covers additional family members.

    Kaiser rates will see a 9% increase while Anthem rates will increase by 7%. This could potentially lead to out of pocket increases of $200 - $250 per month for family plans. We have attached a summary sheet that illustrates the current rate structure when compared to potential rates next year.

    The intent of our communication is to let all employees know that health insurance rates are increasing significantly next year and that it will likely impact the out of pocket costs for our employees. We also want to avoid having employees change from an employee only plan to a +1 or family plan with the expectation that our current rates will be in place in 2017-2018.

    Joint Communication from April 26, 2016

    CSEA and the District met on April 20, 2016 and came to agreement on compensation and benefits. Beginning on July 1, 2016 there will be an increase in salary of 3.4%. In addition, the district contribution to employe health and welfare plans will be $10,000, an increase of $1,062 from our current cap of $8,938.

    The teams also finalized details of the CalPERS offset. This means that all employees will now pay the employee contribution to PERS, but the District will increase the salary schedule by 7.2% to offset this new employee obligation. 


    Joint Communication from April 18, 2016

    The negotiations teams met on April 6 and 11, 2016 to continue our discussions on Articles 6 (Compensation) and 8 (Filling Vacancies). We came to an agreement regarding the hiring process with the intent of clarifying and expediting the process of hiring and/or promoting staff.

    The negotiations teams moved on to a discussion on compensation. We reviewed district budget information and reviewed Association and District interests as we looked at increases in compensation. This conversation included the topic of the current employee CalPERS contribution. The District currently pays the employee PERS contribution for those who are classified as classic members (PERS members prior to January 1, 2013). The Association and District evaluated the current process and agreed that all CalPERS members will now pay their own PERS contribution of 7% while the salary schedule will see a corresponding increase of about 7%.


    Joint Communication from February 26, 2016

    The District and Association met on February 18, 2016 to share and discuss budget information and topics for negotiations for the 2015-2016 school year.


    We presented the following topics for negotiations.

    *Article 6: Compensation and Benefits; Stipends

    *Article 7: Hours;Vacations

    *Article 8: Filling Vacancies

    *Article 10: Leave Provisions

    *Article 11: Association Rights

    *Article 20: Professional Growth

    *All Appendix Items

    *All Exhibits


    Joint communication from February 8, 2016

    The CSEA and district negotiations teams met on January 29, 2016 to begin negotiations for the 2015 - 2016 school year. We met with an IBB facilitator to review the components of interest based bargaining and to introduce new members to the negotiations teams.


    As part of our training we used the topic of district hiring procedures to reinforce the IBB process and to address a current topic of interest for both the district and our CSEA membership.


    The meeting set a positive tone for our negotiations this year and we are scheduled to meet for our next session in late February.

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