Our Mission Statement, Core Values, Goals, & Vision

  • Mission Statement

    Romoland School District serves, challenges, and inspires all students to achieve academic excellence, build character, and pursue lifelong learning.

    Core Values

    • We provide each student with knowledge and experience to become a capable, responsible citizen in a diverse society.
    • We celebrate each other's achievements, support each other through collaboration, and hold each other accountable.
    • We act with personal integrity and treat everyone with fairness, equality, and dignity.
    • We collaborate with the community in a courteous and professional manner.
    • We maintain clean, functional, and safe campuses that promote a sense of pride.



    • Provide a well-rounded, rigorous academic program
    • Maintain fiscal solvency
    • Maximize resources and work with community partners to expand programs and create equitable facilities.



    Through fiscal solvency, Romoland School District will offer our students a rich and rigorous academic foundation.