Superintendent's Message


    Picture of Superintendent Trevor Painton Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Romoland School District website. In the Romoland School District we emphasize the development and growth of the “whole child”. While we value and work hard to ensure the academic progress of each and every student, we also place a high value on developing our students' social-emotional attributes and providing well-rounded educational experiences for all. As you navigate the website, you will find information and resources that reinforce these concepts.


    In a fast changing technological society we have new opportunities and tools to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of the students within our district. Our classrooms, staff, and students are equipped with advanced technology that allows students to access and learn content in new and innovative ways to meet the individual needs of students. The continued utilization of proven, more traditional, instructional practices combined with these technological advances provide our students with an advantage not experienced by students in many other districts. Of course, the use of instructional technology also means we must ensure students are responsible digital citizens. All K-8 students work through age-appropriate digital citizenship lessons that promote critical thinking, safe online behavior, and being a responsible user of the internet. This emphasis has led to every school site and the district receiving Common Sense Certification in Digital Citizenship two years in a row.


    The development of our school counseling program enables a proactive approach in meeting the social- emotional needs of our students. Counselors regularly analyze school site data trends and teach classroom lessons designed to meet the needs of students at each grade level. Additionally, they regularly conduct small group and individual counseling sessions based on specific student needs. This supportive approach has resulted in dramatic decreases in student behaviors that can impede learning at every one of our campuses.


    It is our hope that parents/guardians are actively involved in their students’ education and are able to take advantage of the multiple offerings that may help achieve this goal. Illuminate Home Connect provides parents/guardians the opportunity to stay informed about grades, attendance, and other school notifications. Each school has multiple opportunities to volunteer, participate in various parent/guardian committees, and/or stay informed about school information through our Peachjar electronic flyers, school websites, and school sites’ social media pages. Specific information regarding how to sign up for Illuminate Home Connect or any of the other opportunities described here can be obtained at the school sites in August .


    We look forward to a great 2018-19 school year and providing the best educational experience possible for your student.



    Mr. Trevor J. Painton