Student Transfers

  • Intradistrict Transfers (also known as School Choice Transfer)

    Intradistrict/School Choice transfers are transfer requests between schools within Romoland School District. School Choice transfer request period for the 2024-2025 school year is noted below. During this time, parents of any current or incoming students who wish to attend a Romoland School District school other than their home school of residence for the 2024-2025 school year should fill out a School Choice Transfer Request.  Students must be registered first in order to apply for an Intradistrict/School Choice transfer request.

     There are two types of Intradistrict/School Choice Transfers Requests:

    • Open Enrollment Transfers change your school of residence permanently if approved.  Approval is contingent on available space and the student may be subject to displacement annually due to excessive enrollment. Open Enrollment is held each year from January 2 through June 1. (The OPEN ENROLLMENT INTRA-DISTRICT/SCHOOL CHOICE TRANSFER-WINDOW for 2024-2025 opens on January 2, 2024, and will close on June 1, 2024).


    • Post-Open Enrollment Intradistrict/School Choice Transfers are granted for one school year only if approved. POST-OPEN ENROLLMENT INTRADISTRICT/SCHOOL CHOICE TRANSFERS -Begins June 2, 2024.


    Intradistrict/School Choice transfer approvals are subject to space availability. During the respective windows, interested families must complete a School Choice Transfer Request in the Aeries Parent Portal.
    *Click on Student Transfer Procedures for a step-by-step guide on how to complete a School Choice Transfer Request.

    Interdistrict Transfers

    Interdistrict transfers are transfer requests from one district to another district.  Transfers are for one school year only, and applications must be submitted each year.  If you are interested in your student attending the Romoland School District, please begin the process with your district of residence. If you reside in the Romoland School District and are interested in your student attending another school district, you must first apply for a request to be released from Romoland School District. Please click on the links below to download and print the required Inter-District Transfer forms for the 2023-2024 school year and/or the 2024-2025 school year and return them to the Romoland School District Office (Educational Services building). You can also visit the Romoland School District Office (Educational Services building) for a printed copy of these forms.

    Inter-District Transfer Request 2024-2025 (ENGLISH)

    Inter-District Transfer Request 2024-2025 (SPANISH)

    Inter-District Transfer Request 2023-2024 (ENGLISH)

    Inter-District Transfer Request 2023-2024 (SPANISH)

    Child Care Verification Form (ENGLISH & SPANISH)

    Verification of Employment Form (ENGLISH & SPANISH)


    Determination Notification

    The Romoland School District is currently experiencing steady enrollment growth at all of our school sites. If you are considering a transfer, we encourage you to do so during the Priority Window as this will increase the probability of the transfer being approved.  Please know that our intent is to accommodate as many transfer requests as possible and that your patience and understanding throughout this process is greatly appreciated. Approvals and denials are made by the Pupil Services Department.  

    For current school year requests, a final decision will be provided by the District notifying parents/guardians within 30 calendar days of receiving the request per Assembly Bill 2826.

    For future school year requests, a final decision will be provided by the District notifying parents/guardians as soon as possible, but not later than 14 calendar days following the beginning of the school year for which enrollment is sought per Assembly Bill 2826.


    Terms and Conditions

    The approval process will begin once staffing and enrollment of resident students has been solidified.  In accordance with District policy, Intra-District and Inter-District Transfer Requests are subject to space availability within the program, grade level, and school site requested.  Approval may be revoked at any time for any of the following reasons:

    • Student is excessively tardy or absent from school

    • Student is brought to school excessively early or left excessively late

    • Student fails to uphold appropriate behavior standards

    • Student fails to make appropriate academic efforts (Education Code 35160.5)

    • Insufficient space in the school and/or grade level

    • False or misleading information was provided


    Inter/Intra District Transfer Appeals Process

    Inter-District Transfer
    If you wish to appeal the decision, please submit a written explanation within 30 days stating the reason you are appealing. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Director of Pupil Services and you will be notified of the outcome within 10 calendar days following the review of your appeal.

    Intra-District Transfer
    Intra-District Transfers are based on the availability of space/program at each school site therefore there is not an appeal process for intra-district transfers.