Student Transfers

  • Intradistrict Transfers

    Intradistrict transfers are transfer requests between schools within Romoland School District.  There are two types of Intradistrict Transfers Requests:

    1. Open Enrollment Transfers change your school of residence permanently, if approved.  Open Enrollment is held each year from January 1 through June 1. 
    2. Post-Open Enrollment Intradistrict Transfers are granted for one school year only, if approved.
      (began June 2, 2019)

    Interdistrict Transfers

    Interdistrict transfers are transfer requests from one district to another district.  Transfers are for one school year only; and applications must be submitted each year.  If you are interested in your student attending the Romoland School District, please begin the process with your district of residence. If you reside in the Romoland School District and are interested in your student attending another school district, you must first apply for a request to be released from Romoland School District.

    You can visit the District Office for any of the above-mentioned transfer forms.