Alternative School of Choice

  • School districts in California can establish Alternative Schools of Choice. The goals of such schools are to:

    • Maximize opportunities for students to develop positive value
    • Recognize the importance of students' desire to learn
    • Maximize student self-motivation
    • Maximize parent/guardian-teacher-student cooperation
    • Maximize opportunities for students, teachers, and parents/guardians to react to the changing world

    The new Romoland School District Alternative School of Choice serves students in grades TK-8 through three program pathways to provide students and their families with school options that best meet their needs. The school is housed on the Harvest Valley Elementary School campus.

Virtual Program

  • student engaged in virtual program learning

    The Virtual Program, in which the student is assigned to a virtual classroom with a teacher leading the student's instruction online for most of the school day. Live synchronous instruction is taught by the teacher with asynchronous assignments completed independently. Students will work in both whole group and small group virtual settings. The academic schedule follows regular school hours. Personalized support from teachers with frequent communication with parents and guardians.

Home School Program

  • student and parent working on home school assignmentThe Home School Program is a self-paced, digital curriculum provided by the district in which the student learns online. Parents/guardians assist their students with learning and set the academic schedule. Virtual daily check-in with the teacher and weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the teacher to review the student's learning plan. Personalized support from teachers with frequent communication with parents/guardians. The Home School Program teacher is located at the Romoland School District Office.

Academy Program

  • academy student

    The Academy Program is an in-person program for students in grades 6-8 to provide personalized learning paths, support, and mentoring in academics, attendance, behavior, motivation, and work habits. It is designed to support students who are having difficulty experiencing success in the regular school program, perhaps due to a catastrophic incident preventing them from participation/success in the regular school program, and/or the student is in need of personalized interventions for chronic issues with attendance, behavior, and/or academics. Students are assigned to one teacher for instruction in all subject areas in a small class-sized environment. The program is located on the Harvest Valley Elementary School campus and follows the Romoland School District calendar. The hours of operation adhere to a middle school bell schedule.