School & Student Safety

  • Romoland School District seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which all students can focus on learning. The school district and each of its school sites undergo regular self-evaluation and visitations from outside agencies to ensure we are providing a safe, prepared, and nurturing learning environment for all students.

    Emergency Preparedness 
    Each school in the Romoland School District has an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan which specifies procedures for dealing with fire, flood, earthquakes, acts of violence, hazardous materials, disaster recovery organization and student accountability following a significant emergency or disaster. Emergency drills (evacuation, duck & cover, and lockdown) are conducted regularly throughout the school year, and each school site maintains an emergency bin of basic survival necessities. For more information on emergency preparedness, contact school principals.

    School Safety Plans
    Each school develops a comprehensive school safety plan including annual revisions with input from school staff, community members and law enforcement. Copies of each school's plan can be accessed by contacting the school directly. 

    Crisis Response Team
    The Romoland School District Crisis Team, comprised of psychologists, counselors, district nurses, and Student Support staff, provides immediate and ongoing support to school sites during and following a crisis. The Crisis Team also works with community partners, to provide support to students and staff. 

    Safety Inspections 
    Each school site undergoes a thorough safety inspection each year. In addition, the District Safety Committee, which consists of an administrator from each site and representatives from the District Office, manages safety improvement suggestions. Included in each school's comprehensive School Safety Plan are any school-developed strategies or safe corridor maps for safe ingress and egress of pupils, parents, and school employees to and from school.