Go Formative

  • Formative, also known as GoFormative, is a web-based tool that allows teachers to create digital formative assessments, tasks, or assignments that are easily accessible from any electronic device including a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  The website allows educators to create original tasks or upload pre-created documents or PDFs to embed questions to assess student learning.

Formative Level 1 Training

Go Formative Beginner Training - Level 1

  • This training will walk you through the process of creating a formative, linking it to Google Classroom, and sharing the formative that you created with others. 

    What is Formative? An introduction to the site:

    • How to sync classes with Google Classroom
    • How to build a formative - an introduction to question types and features
    • Take a formative! See how live responses work, and how to grade and send feedback
    • An introduction to the Library and the Tracker.

Formative Level 2 Training

Go Formative Advanced Training - Level 2

  • This Level 2 training is designed for educators who have the basics down: creating a formative, linking it to your Google Classroom, and sharing it with others. In this training you will learn more advanced features of Go Formative. 

    This session starts with an entrance ticket (through Formative), which gives attendees the choice of 3 topics to learn more about in the session, examples include:

    • Embedding sites and apps into Formative
    • How Partial-Credit / Partial Match grading works
    • Advanced Math features; LaTeX, graphing
    • Collaboration and co-teaching
    • Publishing to the private library and common assessments


    The session encourages Q&A throughout and leaves around 15 minutes of general Q&A at the end.