• As the school counselor, I provide services to each student to promote their growth and development in the academic, socio-emotional, as well as college and career readiness domains. Through these comprehensive services, students will be provided witht the attitude, knowledge and skills to reach their highest potential. These services include:


    Classroom Lessons - All students receive classroom guidance lessons at least once a month on the following topics:


    August: Meet the School Counselor (TK-5)

    September: Listening & Focusing (TK/K), Skills for Learning (1-3), Empathy & Respect (4 & 5)

    October: Kindness and Anti-Bullying (TK-5)

    November: Staying on Task (TK/K), Identifying Feelings (1), Respecting Different Preferences/Perspectives (2-4), Disagreeing Respectfully (5)

    December: Being Assertive (TK/K), Looking for Clues (1), Accepting Differences (3), Introducing Emotion Management (2, 4-5)

    January: Feelings (TK/K), Similarities & Differences (1), Handling Making Mistakes (2), Showing Compassion (3), Solving Problems (4), Avoiding Assumptions (5)

    February: Identifying Anger/Feelings Change (TK-1), Managing Anxious Feelings (2), Solving Problems (3-5)

    March: Same or Different (TK/K), Accidents Happen (1), Managing Anger (2), Dealing with Peer Pressure (3), Problem Solving (4-5)

    April: Empathy & Helping Others (TK-1), Finishing Tasks (2), Managing Test Anxiety/ Getting Ready for the Test (3-5)

    May: Career Exploration (TK-5), Transitioning to Middle School (5)

    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling will take place one-on-one with the school counselor in a safe and accepting environment based on the needs of each student. Counseling topics may include: social skills, self esteem, dealing with grief/loss, respecting others, bullying, handling emotions, and responding to crisis.

    Small Group Counseling

    Small group counseling is 6 weeks long and once a week for about 30 minutes during school hours. In order for students to participate, a permission slip must be signed by parent/guardian. Some topics may include: social skills, making friends, coping skills, academic success strategies, etc.

    Collaboration and Consultation

    In order to serve the whole student, collaboration and consultation is necessary. The school counselor will work with parents, teachers, administration, and the other specialists to best support each student.

    Community Resource Referrals

    School counselors do not provide therapy. Referrals for outside counseling services are available if students need additional support. School counselors can collaborate with outside service providers to support your student best in school.