Mindfulness Meditation

  •  A relaxation process.

Children's Relaxation

  • Child Centered Mindfulness.

5 Minute Meditation

  • Quick Meditation for Children


  • 4 minute mindful exercise on breath led by narrator.

Mindfulness Bell

  • A 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Growth Mindset

  • A Champion

Mistake Reflection

  • The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Managing Anxiety



    Understanding why we feel stressed, worry, sadness, nervous, scared, or uncomfortable feeling during this time. Inside Out demonstrates and this youtube video explains how we name the emotion(s), accept and recognize the feeling, use coping skills such as breathing, mindfulness, drawing, talking to someone, yoga, positive self-talk, gratitude, grounding techniques, etc help us cope and manage our emotions better. Remember: Stop! Name your Feeling!! Calm Down!!!