Student Tech Support

  • Please contact the student's teacher directly for issues like login problems or technical issues related to assignments and instructional programs used by students. Teachers are able to resolve student password issues, and are the best equipped to answer questions about the instructional programs they use with their students. If the teacher is unable to solve the problem they will escalate it to the Instructional Technology department.

    If there is a physical problem with the student's Chromebook or hotspot, such as damage or charging issues, please click on the IT Help Request button in Clever or visit (login with the student's Romoland Google account) to create a help ticket for the problem. Click on the picture of the device that is having the hardware problem to get started. A form will appear where you can leave detailed information about the problem and contact information so we can reach you to follow up. Please do not come to the District Office or your student's school unannounced to obtain technical help. In order to comply with health and safety protocols, and to make sure a technician is actually present to assist you, you must make an appointment.

    Click here for a demonstration video 

    Image illustrating where to click to create a new ticket for a particular device.


    Quick Troubleshooting:

    Here are some things you can try to fix a student device prior to calling for support. These tasks are the same things we would run you through over the phone, and fix many common issues that aren't caused by physical damage or defective hardware.

    1. Restart the device. If it is not responding, try holding down the power button for 15 seconds. This should force it to turn off, and then you can turn it back on.
    2. Check that your Internet connection is working correctly. Make sure the device is connected to WiFi, and that other devices in your home (such as a mobile phone) are able to browse the Internet when connected to the same WiFi. If the Internet is not working for other devices in the home then you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (Frontier, Spectrum, etc).
    3. Is the device charged? If not, you may need to plug it in. If the battery has depleted too much you may need to plug the device in for 10 minutes before it will even turn on.
    4. Reset your browser settings. This fixes many "weird" issues you may be experiencing with Google Meet, i-Ready, etc.


    Open Chrome, go to Settings, select Advanced, click Reset Settings.

    Select "Restore settings to their original defaults" then click Reset Settings.

    QR Badge Logins for TK-1st Grade:

    If your student is in TK-1st Grade and the Chromebook is enabled for login with a QR badge, you should ALWAYS use that to login. You must always click Add User at the bottom to get the option to login with the badge. Once you have logged in with a badge you will not be able to login with a password anymore unless you remove the student account off the Chromebook and login fresh. The teacher can provide you with the badge if you do not have one, or a replacement if it is lost or damaged.