Online Application Process

  • To begin the enrollment process, first, identify what program you will be applying for.  Early Head Start and Head Start have the same application.  State Preschool has a different application.  The enrollment processes are similar, however the documents that must be collected and timelines are slightly different. 

    *For all returning State Preschool Families, stop here! Veronica Torres, State Preschool Clerk ( will be contacting you to recertify.

    *For all returning Head Start Families, stop here!  Miriam Reyes, Head Start Clerk ( will be contacting you to recertify.  

    For all other famiiles, once you have identified which program you will be applying for, here is what you should expect: 

    1. Submit an online intake application for the program of your choosing.  You may apply for more than one program if you desire. 
    2. An office clerk will email you to obtain additional information.  You will upload your documents to a Google Form, this link will be provided to you by the office clerk.
    3. Once all the required information and documents have been reviewed, the office clerk will email you an enrollment packet. Again, you will upload these forms to a Google Form. 
    4. Your notification of program enrollment will be sent via email and mailed to your house.  Please maintain a copy of this letter.



    Before completing an application, please review our program options and the income guidelines for each of our programs.  This may provide you guidance as to which program you would like to apply for.

    Head Start:

    English Application

    Solicitud de inscripción

    State Preschool:

    All New families applying for State Preschool will be prompted to create an account for the State Preschool Parent Portal.  You must do this in order to submit an application. 

    English Application 

    *Solicitud de inscripción

    *Para completar una solicitud de español para preescolar estatal, puede cambiar el idioma preferido para su cuenta del portal para padres cuando se le solicite que cree su cuenta.