Technology Checkout Information

  • In order to support students with learning enrichment opportunities during the school closure, Romoland schools are offering to loan classroom Chromebooks to families in need. Middle school students already have take-home Chromebooks as part of our normal instructional program so this special circumstance only applies to families with elementary students who don't have an Internet-connected computer or device in the home already.

    If you already have a computer or device in the home with Internet access we strongly encourage that you use that. Many schools in Southern California have closed as a preventative measure to delay the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We encourage you to practice social distancing, which only works if students and the public avoid gathering places like our schools. You should come to the school to borrow a Chromebook only if you have no in-home technology available to support your child's educational needs.


    Q: How do I know if I need to checkout a Chromebook for my elementary student?

    A: If any of these situations apply to you then you DO NOT need to check out a Chromebook:

    • You have a family computer or device in the home with Internet connectivity. If you have a Chromebook provided by Heritage High School it cannot be used for our students due to login restrictions on PUHSD Chromebooks.
    • You have a middle school student who already has a school Chromebook. Elementary students can logon to middle school Chromebooks with their own account.


    Q: My child is getting an error trying to access school programs on our home computer. Does this mean I need a Chromebook?

    A: Probably not. Most home computers (Windows or Mac) are perfectly capable of running all of our programs, and in most cases should be more powerful than our Chromebooks. We do have some recommendations:

    • We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser and setting up a profile for your student's account. Video Instructions
    • If you do not know your student's Romoland email address or password please contact their teacher. They can provide the account login and reset the password if needed.


    Q: How do I request a Chromebook for my elementary student?

    A: Please call the Romoland District Office at (951) 926-9244 to request a Chromebook. Due to limited quantities we are only providing one Chromebook per household. After confirming that a Chromebook is not already provided to your home we will schedule a date and time for you to pickup a Chromebook.


    Q: How do I connect the Chromebook to my Internet at home?

    A: The Chromebooks can connect to your home WiFi network. If you do not have home Internet access, please note that Spectrum is offering 60 days of free service to support students during school closures.


    Q: I live in an area without cable service so I can't get Internet service.

    A: A limited number of Sprint hotspots are available for checkout. There are limitations on these devices; for example, they may only be used with a student Chromebook for educational use, and they have a 20GB/mo data cap and then the speed will be slowed down.


    Q: What about tech support, or if the Chromebook gets damaged while in my care?

    A: We will be limited in our ability to provide tech support while schools are closed. Families with a district-provided Chromebook can obtain technical assistance by calling (951) 926-2891, Monday–Friday, between the hours of 8:00AM – 4:00PM. District support staff will work with families to resolve technology problems over the phone and make arrangements for repair if needed.

    We hope that Chromebooks will be returned to schools after this situation in the condition they were given. However, we understand that accidents happen. There will be no penalties for accidental damage to elementary Chromebooks during this situation. Damage that is a result of malicious action will incur a fine.


    Q: What if the Chromebook is not returned when school resumes?

    A: These Chromebooks are normally used in our classrooms every day to support student learning. Any Chromebooks or hotspots that are not returned promptly when schools reopen will be remotely disabled and reported stolen. When a school Chromebook is disabled it can no longer be used until the district removes the block - even if the device is wiped.