Head Start Program

  • Head Start is funded by the Federal Office of the Administration of Child and Family Services which offers a comprehensive early education, health, social services and child development program for families who meet the federal poverty guidelines. Children, ages 3 - 5, receive all comprehensive Head Start services including education, health, dental, nutrition, mental health, and special education for children with disabilities.  Teachers will assess children's growth and development three times a year using the California Desired Results Developmental Profile. Two home visits and two conferences with parents are scheduled throughout the year for parent input into their child’s educational progress.

    Every family is invited to participate in "family time" either at drop off or pick up.  This is an excellent time to strengthen family ties through learning experiences or to put into practice some of the teaching tecniques that families pick up throughout the year from trainings or workshops.  All family time activities are pre planned by the teacher and all materials are ready for use upon family arrival.  Family time acitivities are brief and will last up to 15 minutes.