5th Grade FAQs

  • Are there materials or supplies that we will need to provide?
    RSD proudly provides all essential materials and supplies for students to experience success.  Families may also choose to supplement supplies from the suggested materials list. 

    Suggested materials:

    Flute: Binder, Cleaning Rod, Silver Polish Cloth

    Clarinet: Binder, Swab, Cork Grease, FIVE Reeds (Strength 2.5-3)

    Trumpet: Binder, Valve Oil, Polish Cloth

    Trombone: Binder, Slide-O-Mix, Polish Cloth


    Do we have to buy or rent an instrument?
    RSD provides a limited number of band instruments on a first come, first served basis and on the needs of the ensemble.  Some families might choose to rent or lease instruments from local music stores. If deciding to purchase an instrument please be careful of less expensive instruments. There is more information on this page regarding renting, purchasing or borrowing from the school.

    How much does it cost to rent an instrument?
    RSD provides a limited number of band instruments at no cost to families.  However, if you choose to rent or lease instruments from your local music stores expect to pay approximately $15 to $30 per month to rent. 

    Where can I rent an instrument?
    We will hold an instrument rental night at Ethan A. Chase Middle School where you can rent an instrument from Nick Rail Music.  You can also rent an instrument for Pete's Music here in Menifee.

    Is it better to buy an instrument instead of renting?
    This is a difficult question to answer since every student and situation is unique. If you choose to buy an instrument, please remember not all instruments are created equal. Look for name brand instruments. The quality of the instrument is a very important factor in your child's success. You will also be responsible for all repairs if you own the instrument. When you rent, repairs should be covered by the store if your rental plan includes Loss/Damage/Repair insurance.

    I found a great deal on an instrument at a warehouse/department store/ebay/Amazon. Should I buy it?
    Please be cautious, there are many off-brand instruments for sale at "too good to be true" prices. A phrase like "Band Director approved" does not mean it's a good instrument. Students often struggle to produce a good sound and the instruments tend to have frequent mechanical troubles. Quality name brand instruments have proven themselves over time and provide a better learning experience for your child.

    What brands of instruments are considered quality name brands?
    The following are commonly considered name brands for Brass and Woodwinds: Bach, Besson, Blessing, Buffet, Bundy (older models), Cannonball, Conn, Eastman, Evette, Gemeinhardt, Getzen, Holton, Jupiter, King, Reynolds, Selmer, Vito, and Yamaha. For Percussion, CB700, Ludwig, Mapex, Pearl, and Vic Firth are well known brands.

    Does my child need previous music experience to learn an instrument in 5th Grade?
    No. 5th Grade Band is a true beginning level course. Prior experience is not necessary, but can be beneficial.

    What if my child wants to play an instrument that is not considered a “Starter”? Will they be able to change instruments when they enter 6th Grade?
    Students are able to change to a closely related instrument when entering 6th grade, if agreed by all involved parties (student, parent, teacher). The most common transfers are Clarinet to Saxophone; Trumpet to French Horn or Baritone, Trombone to Baritone or Tuba; and any band instrument to Percussion. The decision to change instruments is based on each individual student, including factors such as physical characteristics, student effort and responsibility throughout 5th grade, and musical skill. Summer classes or lessons before the 6th grade year are often recommended. Ultimately our goal is to do what’s in the best interest of each student.