5th Grade Band & Percussion

  • 5th Grade Essential Learnings

    • Performs a varied repertoire of music on instrument with some expressive elements ‘
    • Produces sounds with proper technique ‘
    • Creates melodies and rhythmic patterns ‘
    • Reads and writes simple melodies in the appropriate clef ‘
    • Analyzes musical events using appropriate music vocabulary ‘
    • Identifies what elements contribute to the effectiveness and quality of a musical performance or composition ‘
    • Articulates the connection between music and other subjects


    Band and Percussion are performance ensembles with expectations to rehearse and perform outside of the school day.


    Helpful tips for Parents
    -Set up a time for your child to practice at least 15 minutes a day
    -Create musical goals for the year! Create practice goals for the year!
    -Give your 5th grade student positive feedback on their practice progress at home.
    -Be sure they are practicing from the book, our sheet music, and anything "fun" they find on their own.
    -Set up mini-concerts for students to perform for families, friends, animals, you name it! Performing helps make practice fun AND hones their skills in a comfortable environment.