The purpose of this policy is to notify families of the Romoland School District Nutrition Services Meal Charge Policy. The Meal Charge Policy is enacted when a student does not have money on their meal account. The goal of the policy is to provide students with a meal option regardless of the status of their meal account. 


    • If a student is unable to pay for their meal at the time of purchase, the student will be allowed to charge a meal to their account.
    • There is no limit to the number of meals a student can charge, however, if the dollar amount charged exceeds $10, Nutrition Services will contact the family of the student regarding the student’s account.
    • If Nutrition Services is unable to reach the student’s family after three attempts, they will partner with the principal at the student’s school for further assistance to contact the family and inform them of the outstanding amount due.
    • If a student is without funds on a consistent basis, Nutrition Services will investigate the situation and take further action as needed. If financial hardship exists, the household will be encouraged to apply or reapply for free or reduced-price meals for their child. Online meal applications are available at



        Online Payments:

    • Families can go to: to make pre-payments or pay outstanding balances to student meal accounts.
    • The site allows registration of each child and adds funds to each meal account.
    • Fee Notice – Credit/Debit Card
      • There is a charge of $1.50 per transaction for all credit/debit card payments made using this service.



    • Cash or check payments can be made at the school front office (payments can be accepted after meal service in the cafeteria) or at the Nutrition Services Office located at 1680 Illinois Ave Unit #7, Perris CA 92571
    • Cash or check payments should be placed in an envelope with the following clearly marked:
      • Student name
      • Grade
      • Amount enclosed
    • Please make checks payable to: Romoland School District (RSD) and write the student’s full name in the memo section. Nutrition Services is not responsible for lost or misplaced payments.



    • Nutrition Services will charge a $15 NSF fee for all returned checks in addition to any fee from the bank.


    Please contact Nutrition Services at (951) 926-9244, extension 1262 for assistance or questions. We look forward to serving your student during the school year, working directly with your family, and providing exceptional customer service.


    "This institution is an equal opportunity provider"


  • Juan Valencia
    Nutrition Services
    Phone: 951-926-9244, ext. 1261

    Luisa Hernandez
    Administrative Secretary,
    Nutrition Services
    Phone: 951-926-9244, ext. 1262

    Mariana Oseguera
    Field Service Supervisor,
    Nutrition Services
    Phone: 951-926-9244, ext. 1264

    Toby Taeger
    Nutrition Services
    Phone: 951-926-9244, ext. 1263


    Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
    Excluding Holidays
    1680 Illinois Ave Unit # 7
    Perris, CA 92571