Student Device Damage Policy

  • Each student will be responsible for the device that has been assigned to them. In the event that the device is lost (stolen, not returned, missing, etc.), liquid-damaged, or otherwise non-repairable due to extensive non-warranty damage, the student and parent/guardian will be responsible to pay $265 for the replacement cost of the Chromebook. This is very similar to the existing textbook replacement policy in use at Romoland School District and many other school districts. 

    If the device is damaged and/or inoperable as a result of willful action or negligence, the student will be responsible for returning the device to the school site for repair and will be charged a $45 fine for damage repair. A loaner Chromebook will be issued upon return of the damaged device so the student is still able to participate in class and complete homework assignments. Once the repair is complete the original Chromebook will be returned to the student.