• What is STEAM?

    One of the most common misconceptions about implementing a STEAM curriculum is the idea that simply teaching each of these disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in isolation at some point throughout a day, week, unit, etc., qualifies as STEAM.

    STEAM Visual


    Authentic STEAM implementation is the intentional integration across all core content within a single topic of study. Each of these five content areas play a pivotal role as a tool for allowing students to acquire a deeper understanding of the phenomena being investigated. In addition to this, an integrated approach exposes students to relevant and engaging topics and deepens their understanding of how each subject is used in the real-world. A well designed STEAM curriculum ignites learning through inquiry, imagination, collaboration, problem-solving, invention, and creativity; skills that students need to become successful in the rapidly changing 21st century. 

  • Every elementary classroom (K-5) in Romoland School District is implementing STEAM units that have been specifically designed to meet the demands of NGSS. Check out the unit titles to the left to see what topics each grade level will be exploring!