Romoland Run Tips

  • Some quick tips for the new 5K-er:

    • You don't have to finish 1st! Many of us are so competitive, we won't sign up because we might not win! The experience is where the importance is! Have fun!
    • Your pace is the right pace! There is a myth that you have to RUN the entire distance. You don't, give it your best. If that means you have to slow it down to speed it up later, do it. Again, it's supposed to be fun!
    • Bring your friends! Not only is more fun to do things with your buddies, but they can be a great support system!
    • Choose a run that challenges, but not too challenging for your 1st run. A run with lots of hills or in the dead of summer may be more than you want to endure, ensuring a tough run. Choose a 5K that you can finish - like the Romoland Run!
    • Dress accordingly! Check the weather, wear comfy clothing, especially shoes.
    • Good Eats! Stay hydrated and eat a normal meal the night before, but don't carb load, it's not necessary. For a morning race, eat a light breakfast and you should be good to go.