• The Boulder Ridge Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement:

    Boulder Ridge Elementary counseling program is committed to the equity of all students to thrive as lifelong learners, to be successful in daily choices of empaths, respect, and compassion, and to ensure that all students have access to comprehensive counseling program that promotes their development and success in areas of academic, social/emotional and college/career readiness.


    The Romoland School District Counseling Team Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Romoland School District Counseling Team is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program through an engaging curriculum and support services, ensuring all students acquire competencies needed in academics, college and career, and social/emotional development to reach their greatest potential.


    The School Counseling Department of Romoland Elementary School Mission Statement:

    To maximize every student's social, educational and career development potential in order to become responsible citizens, effective students, and lifelong learners.


    *The Romoland Elementary School Counselor will adhere to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) ethical standards for school counselors and the Romoland School District's policies.