Chef Star


     We would like to thank all the students who submitted their Asian Fusion recipe for this year’s Future Chef Competition. A total of 25 recipes were submitted and only 5 recipes were selected.


    Selected student’s recipes:


    Khyra White, 5th, Boulder Ridge Elementary, - Recipe: Chicken Lettuce Wrap

    Ethan Holthaus, 5th, Boulder Ridge Elementary, - Recipe: Shrimp Pot Stickers & Asian Green Bean Salad

    Danica Lee Doskocil, 5th, Mesa View Elementary, - Recipe: Chicken Satay

    Amelia Granados, 4th, Mesa View Elementary, - Recipe: Tofu Taco

    Keilee-Ann Kelly, 4th, Mesa View Elementary, - Recipe: Asian "Fried" Quinoa


    On March 28, 2018, we hosted our third annual Future Chef’s Competition sponsored by Sodexo. This competition was open to all elementary students’ grades 3rd – 5th. We are excited for another great year.

    Each entry was judged on taste, originality, ease of preparation, healthy attributes, kid appeal, and plate presentation.


     Future Chef Winners


    1st Place Winner

    Ethan Holthaus, 5th grade, Boulder Ridge Elementary

    Recipe: Shrimp Pot Stickers & Asian Green Bean Salad 



    2nd Place Winner 2017/2018

    Keilee-Ann Kelly, 4th grade, Mesa View Elementary

    Recipe: Asian "Fried" Quinoa



    3rd Place Winner

    Khyra White, 5th grade, Boulder Ridge Elementary

    Recipe: Chicken Lettuce Wrap



     4th Place Winner

    Amelia Granados, 4th grade, Mesa View Elementary

    Recipe: Tofu Taco


    5th Place Winner 2017/2018

    Danica Lee Doskocil, 5th grade, Mesa View Elementary

    Recipe: Chicken Satay