How To Get Support

  • There are two primary methods available to get some assistance:

    The method you choose will depend on the situation. The two methods are described below.

Submitting Help Requests

  • If you need any kind of technology support, including Illuminate, please email In the subject line of your email, enter a brief description of the problem, along with your school's name and your room number. In the message body, enter additional details of the problem. This will immediately create a work ticket for your request so we can prioritize and respond to your issue efficiently. You do not need to address individual Technology staff members on the email - when you send it to we will all have access to your ticket.
    When your ticket is created you will get an email notification, and you will receive additional email updates as work on your issue progresses. If you need to follow up, check status, add additional information, etc just reply to one of the notification emails. That keeps all the information together on the ticket which helps us immensely. Please do not send another fresh email for the same issue - this just creates duplicate tickets in the system and slows down response time.

    You may also call the Helpdesk at 951-926-9244, x1140