Instructional Coach Information

  • Our Instructional Coaches work within the Department of Educational Services under Michelle Wise, Director of Educational Services and Trevor Painton, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. The Instructional Coach/Professional Learning structure was established as a component of RSDs LCAP plan to ensure the necessary support and success of our classroom teachers. The Department of Educational Services has established and continuously reviews it's design of a systematic, scalable, predictable approach to professional learning, and instructional coaches are a component of the overall professional learning plan.

    The purpose of having Instructional Coaches is to provide the necessary professional support to make all teachers successful, with the ultimate outcome focused on continually improving student achievement. Instructional coaches engage in confidential, non-evaluative conversations with staff members, helping them implement effective instructional practices. They work with teachers one-on-one and in small groups to successfully apply and reinforce what is learned through theory, demonstration, and practice. Their work is intentional and deliberate, providing real-time support and specific feedback designed to improve practice. They offer differentiated, ongoing job-embedded professional learning in a safe environment, focusing on school-wide improvement, building teacher capacity, and increasing student engagement.

    Our 2018-19 coaches are listed below. See the contact information for each for methods to request services.

Pat Denton

  • Pat is entering her twelfth year with the Romoland School District. She is a transfer from Michigan’s educational system, where she taught for 24 years before becoming a Literacy Coach and a facilitator for the MI Department of Education. She is a mentor and National Board Certified Teacher: Early Childhood Generalist, along with being a Certified Teacher Leader. She is a DIBELS, CELDT, and Language Essentials of Teachers of Reading and Spelling trainer. Pat was involved in DELTA and recently in TEEM and is also a Leading Edge Digital Educator. As an Instructional Coach, Pat is available to provide assistance with the new Wonders and Study Sync Programs; their resources, tutorials and activities. She is available to assist with Language Arts planning, modeling Guided and Close Reading, and also with providing support for high needs students.


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Greg Moon

  • The 2018-19 school year marks Greg's twelfth year in RSD and fifth year as an Instructional Coach. Prior to that, he taught at the high school level for 15 years. In the area of adult training and education, he has worked as a trainer for a K-12 educational technology consulting company and as an adjunct community college instructor. His specialty area is 1:1 device classroom instruction, as in 25+ years in K-14 public education, he has never taught in a classroom that was not 1:1. Greg is a Google Certified Trainer, holds an undergraduate degree in Finance & Banking, a master’s degree in Computer Science, and is a dissertation short of an Ed.D. degree in Learning Technologies. Greg offers coaching in the areas of learning technologies, 21st-century pedagogy models, and student data analysis in both an individual and small group/PLC format.

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Sonal Patel

  • Sonal began her teaching career in England 14 years ago. She moved to California in 2007 and continued teaching in Romoland School District. She holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. One of her roles is to work with educators to integrate effective, research-based instructional practices into classrooms. Her primary focus area this year will be writing, 21st-century pedagogy, educational technology, and student engagement strategies, but she would be more than happy to delve into other educational areas whenever necessary. Sonal enjoys using social networking (especially Twitter) to share, collaborate, stay up-to-date with new and existing content, and build her professional learning network. 

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Isabel Soliz

  • Isabel is beginning her 17th year with the Romoland School District. Previously, she taught in the Temecula School District where she co-founded a dual immersion program. Her experiences working with educators as a BTSA Support Provider, Master teacher and adjunct professor at Cal-State San Marcos’ College of ED, have all prepared her for her role as a coach. Isabel’s experience also includes being the DELAC Chairperson and EL Coordinator at Chase Middle. She holds a Masters in Biliteracy with emphasis on language acquisition and parental involvement. Her role as an Instructional Coach is to assist teachers in the areas of English Learners and ELD. She will continue to help to implement the new ELD Standards and train for the upcoming ELPAC which has replaced the CELDT. Isabel is available to assist you with planning/modeling/teaching lessons in ELD, and assist during PLCs.

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