• Howdy!
    I'm Mrs. Mowrer.  We are embracing the 21st Century classroom in room 23 with a blended learning Station Rotation model!  Students will be rotating through a variety of stations that allow for project based group learning, adaptive independent learning, and small group learning with me.  I am so excited!  I believe we are going to have one of our best years ever here at Harvest Valley.
    Students will no longer need a backpack, so if you have already bought one you are one step ahead in preparing for Middle School next year!  Instead, students will be using a binder and a Chromebook as they rotate from station to station.  They will need a pencil pouch that can be placed in a three-ring-binder.  In that pouch, they will need two pencils, a highlighter, and two whiteboard markers.  That's it!
    I look forward to meeting you all on the field on Thursday!
    Mrs. Mowrer